Jesus, Thy Church with Longing Eyes

Melody - "O Jesu Christ, mein's", first published in the N├╝rnbergisches Gesangbuch, 1676; Seq. by Richard Jordan

William H. Bathurst, 1831

Jesus, Thy Church with longing eyes
For Thine expected coming waits.
When will the promised light arise
And glory beam from Zion's gates?

2. E'en now, when tempests round us fall
And wintry clouds o'ercast the sky,
Thy words with pleasure we recall
And deem that our redemption's nigh.

3. Come, gracious Lord, our hearts renew,
Our foes repel, our wrongs redress,
Man's rooted enmity subdue,
And crown Thy Gospel with success.

4. Oh, come and reign o'er every land;
Let Satan from his throne be hurled,
All nations bow to Thy command,
And grace revive a dying world.

5. Yes, Thou wilt speedily appear!
The smitten earth already reels;
And not far off we seem to hear
The thunder of Thy chariot-wheels.

6. Teach us in watchfulness and prayer
To wait for the appointed hour
And fit us by Thy grace to share
The triumphs of Thy conquering power.

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