In The Winter Of Life

Melody -

Collected by Sabine Baring-Gould from a Charles Arscott, 1896.

I should like for to have in the winter of life
A neat little cottage for me and my wife
With a barrel of ale and a snug little fire
And food that’s sufficient is all my desire
For I’m growing old and my locks they are grey
No more shall I dance with the young and the gay
For time hath determined the truth to unfold
I’ve a mark on my forehead to show I am old.

2. And some wounded old soldier I’ll have with me to dwell
With his cook and to hear the strange stories he’ll tell
How he conquered his fears and his victory gained
How he was promoted and how he got lamed.

3. If the friend comes to visit me and my little cot
I’ll bid him partake of the luck of my pot
Though no ale shall be wanting while with me he doth stay
But the bailiff I always send empty away.

4. The very next moment I’m panting for breath
Then close by my elbow Is grasping old Death
I’ll ask not the time for one moment to stay
He’s the great Lord of Terrors and we must obey.

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