Harry's Courtship

Melody -

Traditional Yorkshire ballad

Harry courted modest Mary,
Mary was always brisk and airy;
Harry was country neat as could be,
But his words were rough, and his duds were muddy.

2. Harry when he first bespoke her,
Kept a dandling the kitchen poker;
Mary spoke her words like Venus,
But said, There's something I fear between us.

3. Have you got cups of China mettle,
Canister, cream-jug, tongs, or kettle?
Odzooks, I've bowls, and siles, and dishes,
Enow to supply any prudent wishes.

4. I've got none o' your cups of Chaney,
Canister, cream-jug, I've not any;
I've a three-footed pot and a good brass kettle,
Pray what do you want with your Chaney mettle?

5. A shippen full of rye for to fother,
A house full of goods, one mack or another;
I'll thrash in the lathe while you sit spinning,
O, Molly, I think that's a good beginning.

6. I'll not sit at my wheel a-spinning,
Or rise in the morn to wash your linen;
I'll lie in bed till the clock strikes eleven -
Oh, grant me patience gracious Heaven!

7. Why then thou must marry some red-nosed squire*,
Who'll buy thee a settle to sit by the fire,
For I'll to Margery in the valley,
She is my girl, so farewell Malley.

The original read "parson", but squire is used here to match the rhyme of the next line.

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