Hard Times of Old England

Melody -


Come all brother tradesmen
Who travel along,
I pray, come and tell me
Where the trade is all gone
Long time have I travelled,
And I cannot find none
And it's oh,
The hard times of old England
In old England very hard times!

2. Provisions you buy at the shop,
It is true
But if you've no money,
There's none there for you
So what is a poor man,
And his family to do?

3. You will go to the shop
Where you'll ask for a job
They'll answer you there
With a shake and a nod
Well, that is enough to make
A man turn and rob!

4. You will see the poor tradesmen
A-walking the streets
From morning to night
Their employment to seek
And scarce do they have
Any shoes on their feet.

5. Our soldiers and sailors
Have just come from war
And fighting for Queen
And for Country this year
Come home to be starved,
Should have stayed where they were.

6. And now to conclude
And to finish my song
Let us hope that these hard times,
They will not last long
I hope soon to have occasion
To alter my song.

And sing: Oh,
The good times of old England
In old England, jolly good times!

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