Come All You Worthy Christian Men

Melody -

collected by Sabine Baring-Gould and Cecil Sharp, from a John Dingle, 1904.

Come all ye worthy Christians, that dwell within this land
Don't spend your time in rioting, recollect you are but a man
Be watchful of your latter end, be ready when you're called
There is many changes in this world, some rise and some do fall.

2. See Job he was a patient man, and a rich man in the past
And when he was brought to poverty, his sorrow did increase
He bore it all most patiently, no sin did he repine
He always trusted in the Lord, and soon got rich again.

3. Come all you worthy Christians, that are so very poor
Remember how poor Lazarus, lay at the rich man's door
A begging for the crumbs of bread, which from his table fell
The scripture now informs us all, in Heaven he doth dwell.

4. So poor I am contented, no riches do I crave
For all things are but vanity, on this side of the grave
There is many roll in riches, their glasses will run out
No riches we brought into this world, and none can carry out

5. The time it then will come when parted we must be
The only difference then remains to joy or misery
We all must give a strict account, the great as well as small
So recollect my people, one God will judge us all.

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