Blessed Savior, Who hast Taught Me

Melody - "O du Liebe", from the Musikalischer Christenschatz, Basel, 1745; Seq. by Richard Jordan

John M. Neale, 1842

Blessed Savior, who hast taught me
I should live to Thee alone,
All these years Thy hand hath brought me
Since I first was made Thine own.
At the font my vows were spoken
By my parents in the Lord;
That my vows shall be unbroken
At the altar I record.

4. In the world would foes assail me,
Craftier, stronger, far than I;
And the strife may never fail me,
Well I know, before I die.
Therefore, Lord, I come believing
Through the prayer of faith receiving
Strength, the Spirit's strength, indeed.

5. I would trust in Thy protecting,
Wholly rest upon Thine arm,
Follow wholly Thy directing,
O my only Guard from harm,
Meet me now with Thy salvation
In Thy Church's ordered way;
Let me feel Thy confirmation
In Thy truth and fear today.

6. So that, might and firmness gaining,
Hope in danger, joy in grief,
Now and evermore remaining
In the (one and true)* belief,
Resting in my Savior's merit,
Strengthened with Thy Spirit's strength,
With Thy saints I may inherit
All My Father's joy at length.

In the original, catholic is the word, which means universal.

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