To Ladies' Eyes

Melody - "Fague a Ballagh"

Thomas Moore, from Irish Melodies, vol. 7

To Ladies' eyes a round, boy,
|: We can't refuse, :|
Though bright eyes so abound, boy,
|: 'Tis hard to choose, :|
For thick as stars that lighten
|: Yon airy bowers, :|
The countless eyes that brighten
|: This earth of ours, :|
But fill the cup - where'er, boy,
|: Our choice may fall, :|
We're sure to find Love there, boy,
|: So drink them all! :|
2. Some looks there are so holy,
|: They seem but given, :|
As shining beacons, solely,
|: To light to heaven, :|
While some - oh! ne'er believe them
|: With tempting ray, :|
Would lead us (God forgive them!)
|: The other way. :|

3. In some, as in a mirror,
|: Love seems pourtray'd, :|
But shun the flattering error,
|: 'Tis but his shade. :|
Himself has fix'd his dwelling
|: In eyes we know, :|
And lips - but this is telling
|: So here they go! :|

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