The Sea, o the Sea

Melody -

They say that the lakes of Kilarney are fair
No stream like the Liffy can ever compare.
But if it's water you want, you'll find nothing so rare
As the stuff that flows down by the ocean.
The sea o the sea, it's geal grá mo chroí*,
Long may it roll between England and me.
'Tis a sure guarantee that somehow we'll be free
Thank God we're surrounded by water.

2. The Danes came to our land with nothing to do
But dream of the plunder, all Irish they slew.
You will or you won't boys with Brian Boru
And drove them all into the ocean.

3. The Scots have their whiskey, the Welsh have their leeks,
Their poets are paid about ten pence a week
Providing no harsh words gainst England they speak
O Lord! What a price for devotion!

4. Two foreign old monarchs in battle did join,
Each wanted his head on the back of a coin.
If the Irish had sense they'd throw both in the Boyne,
And Partition back into the ocean.

* geal gra mo chroi - Gaelic for "bright love of my heart".

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