Sail On, Sail On

Melody - "The Humming of the Ban"

Thomas Moore, from Irish Melodies, vol. 8

Sail on, sail on, thou fearless bark
Where'er blows the welcome wind,
It cannot lead to scenes more dark,
More sad than those we leave behind.
Each wave that passes seems to say,
"Though death beneath our smile may be,
Less cold we are, less false than they,
Whose smiling wreck'd thy hopes and thee."
2. Sail on, sail on - through endless space
Through calm - through tempest - stop no more:
The stormiest sea's a resting-place
To him who leaves such hearts on shore.
Or - if some desert land we meet,
Where never yet false-hearted men
Profaned a world, that else were sweet
Then rest thee, bark, but not till then.

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