The Pope's Brigade

Melody -

To famed Spoileta they were took
To garrison that old town.
The Pope depended on their pluck
To put Sardinia down;
But when they saw King Vicot's men
The Pope's Brigade gave way;
They ran like pigs into their dens,
And threw their guns away.
2. Now Papists are no better still
Than they were in ninety-eight
They ran away at Vinegar Hill,
Likewise at Derry's gate.
They have disgraced their native home,
And now they're in the lurch;
Likewise betrayed the Pope of Rome
And holy mother Church.
3. No to conclude and make an end,
We'll toast the King all round,
And Garabaldi and his men
That hero of renown.
We'll likewise toast the Orange cause,
So loyal and so true,
That to the end they may maintain.
The Orange and the Blue.

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