Derry's Walls

Melody -

The time has scarce gone by boys, two hundred years ago,
When Rebels on old Derry's Walls their faces dare not show;
When James and all his rebel band came up to Bishops Gate;
With heart and hand and sword and shield we caused them to retreat;
Then work and don't surrender but come when duty calls,
With heart and hand, and sword and shield - we'll guard old Derry's Walls.

2. The blood it did flow in the streams for many a winter's night,
They knew the Lord was on their side, to help them in the fight;
They only stood upon the walls determined for to fight,
To fight and gain the victory and hoist the Crimson high;

3. At last, at last with one broadside the heavens sent their maze,
The boom was broke that crosses Foyle's shores and James he was dismayed;
The Banner, boys that floated, was run aloft with joy,
God bless the hands that broke the boom and saved Apprentice Boys.

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