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Workshop equipment : capacity of a Citroën XM
Work in the Musica database (from left to right) :
Carles Josep Comalada (Spain), Angelo Fusacchia (Italy), Dominique and Bernadette Polin (France)
(from left to right) : Hans Oostendorp (The Netherlands), Paul Carrot (France), Mireille Walter (USC Strasbourg), Dolf Rabus (Germany), Jean Sturm, Michel Liotta (France), Nicole Schwerer (CAPA librarian)
(from left to right) : Nicolas Viatte (Suisa Foundation, Switzerland), Ilya Vasheruk (Russia), Jane Nowakowski (USA)
Friendly dinner (from left to right), in april 1994:
Jeannine and Jean Sturm (France), Michel Liotta (France), Jean-Claude Wilkens (Belgium), Jacqueline and Paul Sartiaux (Belgium), Nicole Schwerer (France), Paul Carrot (France), Riina Joller (Estonia)
In front of the "Partithèque" of Le Kleebach

Kleebach (continued)

Jean Sturm at work !
International workshop with :
Christine Dumas (Canada), Vincent Blandin (France), Philippe Auclair (France), Jean Sturm (France), Riine Joller (Estonia), Paul Sartiaux (Belgium)

Under the eyes of a specialist : Zoltán Kodály :
Angelo Fusacchia (Italy) and Dominique Polin (France), Le Kleebach, may 1999

Eszter Vida (Hungary) and Paul Sartiaux (Belgium), Le Kleebach, october 1995

"What a good joke !"
Paul Carrot (France) and Michel Liotta (France), Le Kleebach, 1994

Vue d'Altea Altea
View of Altea...
Vue d'Altea Musica workshop with
Jean Sturm (France), Diego Bosquet (Argentina), Pello Leiñena (Spain), Carles Josep Comalada (Spain)


Hard work ! (from left to right) :
John Delorey (USA), Shelley Huston (USA), David Scott Lytle (Canada)
Lunch time
All this makes us hungry !
Richard Householder (Canada)


Input work
Pay attention
A lot of concentration

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