November 2012

In this Newsletter:

1) The present status of the Musica database
        2) Referencing of videos in Musica
        3) Reminder: privileged access and the AUDITORIUM
        4) Musica Workshops 2013
        5) WHY NOT YOU? Looking for new collaborators.
        6) Startling revelations about the death of Mozart
        7) News from our members:
                - European Festival of Youth Choirs - Basel (May 28th - June 1st 2014)
                - Porfiri & Horváth Publishers: World Choir Games 2012 - Experience composers firsthand

Dear choral music fans,

1) The present status of the Musica database
To date, Musica contains more than 164,200 descriptions of choral scores, 29,400 biographies of composers, 2200 choral music publishers. When searching for repertoire, or simply browsing new choral works, Musica deserves more and more to be "your" priority tool of discovery ...

Otherwise, the homepage has been redesigned, for a better accessibility to the numerous options of the web site.

2) The referencing of videos in the Musica database is growing rapidly. We have chosen to reference only videos of a musically satisfactory quality. Nearly 9,000 Musica records have a link to a video, sometimes chosen among many found, in order to highlight just one or two pleasing interpretations. By visiting first rather than Youtube, you can avoid having to endure many bad videos before finding a good one ...
And if you have a video or an audio file that you want to promote via Musica to illustrate the records referencing a choral work, give us its web address or send us a copy of the file! =>

3) IMPORTANT: By benefitting from a privileged access on, you will have, among other things, direct access to the "Auditorium" and obtain an alphabetical list (sorted by composer and title) of all audio and video files referenced in Musica!
What is more, by having fun and opting for this access, you will greatly help us to continue our work to serve you better. With the current crisis, your help is needed more than ever. See
NB: You can also ask your choral federation to apply for "global" privileged access for all its members! Ask them to contact us at

4) Musica Workshops 2013
Two sessions will be held between January and June 2013, one in Strasbourg (France) and one in Germany.
The exact dates will be chosen according to the declarations of interest that we receive.
See details at and send a declaration of interest to

5) Looking for new collaborators. WHY NOT YOU?
Musica International wants to both expand and accelerate its coverage of the choral repertoire, with collaborators all over the world helping us to grow more effectively. Good will is more than welcome! We need you, even if only occasionally! If you have a gift for translation, for communicating with the choral world around you, for recording pronunciations of texts in your language, for moderating our Facebook page, ... join our network of collaborators:

6) Startling revelations about the death of Mozart
Michèle Lhopiteau, Mozart musicologist, has revealed her conclusions of years of research: Mozart died of accidental self-poisoning! Her thesis is very convincing ...: (in French)

7) News from our members:
        - European Festival of Youth Choirs - Basel (May 28th - June 1st 2014):
For the 9th edition of the Festival, 18 selected children’s and youth choirs (age limit 25) from European countries will be invited to Basel. Over five days the participating choirs will sing at over 40 concerts, services and open-air events for an enthusiastic audience of more than 22,000 spectators. All singers will be accommodated in local host families and will meet other outstanding choirs in the course of workshops, parties and a boat trip. Details and application materials are available at Application deadline: January 30, 2013.

        - World Choir Games 2012 - Experience composers firsthand
The last World Choir Games 2012 in Cincinnati (Ohio) allowed its visitors and participants to meet numerous composers personally which are under the contract at Porfiri & Horváth Publisher. At big composer-workshops musicians introduced their newest works and compositions. Also the composers Levente Gyöngyösi (Hungary) and Oscar Escalada (Argentina) presented their newest pieces successfully. Both scores can be watched under the following link:
        - Porfiri & Horváth Publishers: Cantate Domino - Levente Gyöngyösi :
A video is available under
        - Porfiri & Horváth Publishers: Lunfardeando - Oscar Escalada :

In friendship,
The Musica International team