Manage your holdings directly in Musica database

A new feature for your librarian!

You have choral music holdings?
From now, catalog them by using just one or more private fields directly in Musica.

It's a waste of time to use a local software to input one by one the details describing your holdings in a local database. Most of the data already exist in Musica, and in a much more comprehensive way.

Now you can benefit directly from the Musica database's comprehensive descriptions of scores and input your private data in fields added for you. In addition, the features of a professional document management software will be at your fingertips. And if you own a score that is not yet described in Musica, you will create a record for it, not only for you, but for the whole choral world. You will thus be contributing at the same time to build and expand the Musica database.

Your fields can be displayed publicly, or only be viewable by you. It's your choice.

Be among the first benefitting from this feature: get in touch with us at officemusicanet.org