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Name (international) *
Example: Chester Music Ltd.
Used Synonyms
(all languages together; if several, separate them by a ; )
Example: J&W Chester Music ; J & W Chester, Ltd.
Number Street P.O.Box
(Example: 8-9 Frith Street)
Example: London
Country of publication
Example: Great Britain
Example: W1V 5TZ
Cedex (for France)
(Example: Cédex)
(if several, separate them by a ; )
Example: +44 284 70 11 55
(if several, separate them by a ; )
Example: +44 284 25 24 26
Web address (URL)
Name of Director
Example: John F. Kennedy 
(if several, separate them by a ; )
Example: Renaissance;Sacred Music
Additionnal Comments
(if several, separate them by a ; )
Example: linked to the choral federation
with the same name
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