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Favorite Piece - February 2017

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MUSICA on the EXHIBIT of the ACDA National Conference in MINNEAPOLIS
MARCH 8-11, 2017: Meet and discover better Musica International at BOOTH #343 of the Exhibit of the conference, Convention Center. Learn how to benefit from a free full privileged access to musicanet.org. Our international coordination staff will be pleased to answer all your questions. [More...]

MINNEAPOLIS: LECTURE on the MUSICA project at the ACDA National Conference
MARCH 11, 2017, 10:00 am, Minneapolis Convention Center, Exhibitor Showcase, Room L100A and B: Lecture on the Musica project, by Jean Sturm, its designer and Executive Director of Musica International. Discover the gold mine that Musica is, its interactivity with the user, learn about features that you do not know yet like managing your choral holdings, optimize your skills when using musicanet.org. [More...]

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