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Musica is “your” service!
It needs your financial support!

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It is because of this very success that Musica International does not have sufficient financial resources, despite the renewed help coming from institutional partners. Your donation is one of the ways to allow us to develop Musica further, for your benefit, and to continue allowing free basic access to choral conductors around the world, especially those in developing countries.

As thanks, we will offer every donor a privileged complete access* for one year.
(or for one month if the donation is less than USD 30 or 30 euros).

Donors from France:
request a receipt to document your tax-deductible gift.

Make your donation now, by credit card using our secure-payment page or Bank transfert or by check made out to Musica International.

You can also help Musica by:

- for professional institutions
+ becoming an active or contributing member
(ideal for publishers, federations, profess.choirs).
+ taking a professional subscription
(especially well adapted for music libraries).