Become a Privileged User

What is a Privileged User ?

The privileged full access is highly recommended
for any use either professional, or regular of Musica.

Main advantages:

Suppression of the limitation to 50 answers per search in the database.

Possibility of printing the lists (special printing format).

Access to the auditorium, a compilation of all the sound clips illustrating the database     (several thousands!), ordered alphabetically by composers.

Access to the jubilees of composers until 2017 (instead of only 2014).

Suppression of the obligation to login when connecting, by automatic detection of a
     fixed IP (frequent case in a library). On request.

tickAccess to the input and to the correction, directly in the master database, through the Musica v6 software.

To benefit from a privileged full access, you have several options:

A) Public Use (library, music store,...):
B) Private Use (typically conductors):
C) Become a Member: