Banner advertising

is pleased to offer banner advertising opportunities
on its Web site MusicaNet.org.

MusicaNet.org is an especially efficient advertising site for all companies and associations dealing with choral music. MusicaNet now gets about 100,000 hits per day, from choral musicians all over the world.

Your banner ad exposures will be highly targeted because they are language oriented: you will be able to select the displays in only one language, or in several, or in all of those activated on MusicaNet.org: English, French, German, Spanish.
Some options include using a different ad for each language and using several rotating ads on any given page.  Contact us to discuss the best way to reach your desired audience.
Our initial advertising rates are very attractive. For an additional modest fee, we are also prepared to help you with the creation of a half-banner graphic that will then be linked either to your existing Web site or to your email address.

With packages costing between 0,4 cent and 0,6 cent per exposure, these rates are among the lowest in the industry for targeted Web advertising.
An exposure of your ad is counted each time your ad is delivered online to a Web browser. The advertisement (that you should supply--details below--but we can create it to your specifications) can be stored on our server.  Or better, you might prefer to store it on your own server so that you can change it at will, and users can click on it to be taken directly to your Web site.


Introductory rates :

Exposures Cost per Exposure Total Cost
20,000 0,6 cent 120 euros
50,000 0,5 cent 250 euros
100,000 0,4 cent 400 euros

By offering our price packages per exposure, rather than per month, you know exactly how many people are seeing your ads.

Specifications for the actual ad graphic are as follows: configuration of our Web main pages is optimized for standard "half-banner" size ad graphics (234x60 pixels), with or without (subtle) animation; 100K maximum file size. 

The Banner Advertising Program is administered by the Musica International Coordination (officeatmusicanet.org). It will maintain contact with advertising clients and at the end of a given "run" of ads, will send notice and offer the opportunity to extend the advertising run.


Order of banner exposures on Musicanet.org
  1. Please review the Banner Advertising Details on this page, and also the Frequently Asked Questions.
  2. Design your banner ad in the size specified. If you need help with this, please skip to the last step.
  3. If this is the first time you are making contact, please supply contact information including name, company (individuals are also welcome to advertise), billing address, phone, fax, and a few words describing your business or event.
  4. Include the address of the file on your own web server (best option), or attach your ad to the e-mail. Let us know how many exposures you would like, and whether or not you are eligible to receive the substantial discount for ICB advertisements running concurrently in print.
  5. Send your message and any questions to Musica International : officeatmusicanet.org ; phone: +33 3 88 36 17 54; Fax: +33 3 88 36 57 83

Frequently asked questions

Q: Do we have access to statistics of exposures and click-through rates on our banners?

A: Yes, you will receive a password to access your account, and you can see daily records of the number of exposures and clicks on your banner. These are summarised daily with percentage and ratio calculations, and you can look at your historical records for the duration of the advertising run.

Q: We would like some help creating a banner ad; where do we go?

A: At the present time, we are offering this as an included service to you if the number of exposures purchased is at least 50,000. E-mail to Musica International Office : officeatmusicanet.org.

Q: What could the banners look like?

A: See www.musicanet.org - and refresh the page several times, to see the sequence of banner ads in current display.